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Start Saving with Simple Steps

It’s easy to reduce your energy use and save money, starting with no-cost and low-cost changes. Getting started is as simple as adopting a few new habits and making time for quick and easy projects around the house. Then move on to bigger changes that give you deeper, long-lasting savings. Involve your family and together you’ll be making smart energy choices that improve your home and contribute to a clean energy future.

Come back for tips though out the seasons.

Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Program

Low or zero interest fixed-rate financing for Home Energy Solutions recommendations.

With up to 12 years to repay these unsecured loans from $1,000 to $25,000, and the ability to make loan payments through your utility bill, financing energy-saving improvements to your home couldn’t be easier.


  • When snow becomes deep, please provide a path to your fuel fill pipe so our professional drivers have easy and safe access. Also make sure that any vents on your heating appliances are clear of snow.
  • Windows and doors are usually the source of the greatest heat loss in the home. Consider addressing those items and ensure your home is sufficiently insulated, especially in the attic.
  • Consider installing an automatic thermostat to lower the heat when you're not at home and at night. Lowering the heat to 60 degrees at night can save you 10 to 20% on your oil bill.
  • Call to have your furnace tuned and serviced annually, preferably in the summer. We will perform a Combustion Efficiency Test at that time.
  • Air Conditioner Not Cooling Connecticut Area?

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